State of the World with Chief Phil Lane Jr. April 22, 2018 4-5pm

Make No Bones About It

Chief Phil Lane, Jr – Hereditary Chief And Elder

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is a traditionally recognized Hereditary Chief and Elder. He is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations. He is an internationally recognized indigenous leader in human and community development.The founder and chairman of the Four World’s International Institute (FWII), an organization dedicated to “unifying the human family through the Fourth Way”, Chief Phil Lane, Jr. is the recipient of many awards, including the John Denver Windstar Award, and is a frequent speaker on behalf of indigenous rights and wisdom

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Lakota Treaty Council Files Cease & Desist Order to Block Negotiation or Access to Black Hills Settlement Interest Money

Lakota Treaty Council Files Cease & Desist Order to Block Negotiation or Access to Black Hills Settlement Interest Money

Press Release for Immediate Release October 17, 2017

Contact: Canupa Gluha Mani 605-517-1547 and for forwarded interviews to Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand.  

Lakota Territory – On Monday, the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council filed a Cease & Desist order in U.S. Federal Court in Rapid City. The Cease & Desist order was filed by Black Hills Sioux Nation representative Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand with support from Strong Heart and the Independent Lakota Nation.

The order seeks to block any attempts to negotiate or otherwise access interest accrued on the Black Hills Settlement by any person or organization without approval of the seven bands of the Lakota Oyate.

Currently, the Lakota refuse to accept the 1981 settlement money or its accrued interest that now tops over one billion dollars…

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Only Nonviolent Resistance Will Destroy the Corporate State

Thank you; “A new system away from property rights, away from privatization, away from financialization of nature, away from control over our … DNA, away from control over seeds, away from corporations. It’s a common law with local sovereignty. “

Counter Information

Global Research, October 21, 2017
Truthdig 15 October 2017

Featured image: The Oceti Sakowin camp, near the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, in November 2016. (Becker1999 / Flickr)

The encampments by Native Americans at Standing Rock, N.D., from April 2016 to February 2017 to block construction of the Dakota Access pipeline provided the template for future resistance movements. The action was nonviolent. It was sustained. It was highly organized. It was grounded in spiritual, intellectual and communal traditions. And it lit the conscience of the nation.

Native American communities—more than 200 were represented at the Standing Rock encampments, which at times contained up to 10,000 people—called themselves “water protectors.” Day after day, week after week, month after month, the demonstrators endured assaults carried out with armored personnel carriers, rubber bullets, stun guns, tear gas, cannons that shot water laced with chemicals, and…

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The Treaty for Banning Nuclear Weapons. “Nuclear Weapons are Not Only Immoral but Illegal”

Counter Information

Global Research, July 08, 2017

We are “on the cusp of a truly historic moment,” said the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) on Thursday morning, “when the international community declares, unambiguously, for the first time, that nuclear weapons are not only immoral, but also illegal.”

The development—and hopeful adoption—of this treaty represents a breaking point with the status quo, with subservience to the powerful, with the patriarchal world order of massive nuclear violence. Whatever happens on Friday, this treaty has already impacted the nuclear establishment and, more broadly, international relations. Its adoption and implementation will bring even more positive change.

This treaty prohibits the policies and practices that sustain nuclear weapons, including those related to nuclear “deterrence”. Whatever is not explicitly prohibited in its provisions is implicitly prohibited through the spirit of this treaty. It outlaws all aspects of nuclear weapon activities, from…

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Covenant of Free Access to Traditional Lakota Territory

“‘Sovereignty’ means that the decree of sovereign makes law, and foreign courts cannot condemn influences persuading sovereign to make the decree.” Moscow Fire Ins. Co. of Moscow, Russia v. Bank of New York & Trust Co., 294 N.Y.S. 648, 662, 161 Misc. 903.

On Friday July 7, 2017, the Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation met with officials of the Black Hills National Forest in Custer, SD to discuss access of the Black Hills by Lakota Oyate, Indigenous peoples, their relatives and agents.

During the roughly 45 minute meeting, the Independent Lakota Nation delivered notice with the Covenant of Free Access to Traditional Lakota Territory for Lakota Oyate, Indigenous People, Lakota Relatives & Our Agents.

In attendance for Independent Lakota Nation, Canupa Gluha Mani, Ana Oian Amets, Ezeder Tzorginda, Aranean Argi.  In attendance for the U.S. Forest Service Black Hills was Supervisor,Mark Van Every, Deputy Forest Supervisor Jerry Krueger , and Special Agent Travis Lunders.

Strong Heart encourages ALL Lakota and Indigenous people to assert independent jurisdiction within unceeded Lakota Territory by exercising customary rights to hunt, fish, and gather medicines as well as refuse to pay the U.S…

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The Intercept: Standing Rock documents expose inner workings of “surveillance-industrial complex”

Rise Up Times

Leaked documents and public records reveal a troubling fusion of private security, public law enforcement, and corporate money in the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

 ON A FREEZING NIGHT in November, as police sprayed nonviolent Dakota Access Pipeline opponents with water hoses and rubber bullets, representatives of the FBI, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, North Dakota’s U.S. Attorney’s Office, and local law enforcement agencies frantically exchanged emails as they monitored the action in real time.

“Everyone watch a different live feed,” Bismarck police officer Lynn Wanner wrote less than 90 minutes after the protest began on the North Dakota Highway 1806 Backwater Bridge. By…

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Indigenous Protesters Ordered to Pay Oil Giant Thousands Over Pipeline Legal Battle


Haudenosaunee man Todd Williams has been ordered to pay thousands in legal fees after disrupting work in protest at Enbridge dig sites in Hamilton this year. (Adam Carter/CBC)

Haudenosaunee men spent months protesting at Enbridge dig sites

By Adam Carter

Todd Williams spent months sparring with Enbridge all over Hamilton, trying to disrupt the company’s pipeline operations. And now it’s costing him.

After a legal battle with the oil giant that centred on the company’s property rights versus Indigenous treaty and hunting rights, Williams and another Haudenosaunee man, Wayne Hill, were ordered by a Superior Court in Hamilton this month to pay Enbridge $25,381.81 in legal fees. The costs award comes after Enbridge won an injunction barring them from maintenance dig sites.

Williams says that Enbridge has approached him with an offer to forgo those costs if he agrees to stay away, but he isn’t sure if…

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Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise for schools

Follow The Money

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asked Pope Francis to apologise for the role of the Catholic Church in a Canadian school system where indigenous children were abused for decades.

The PM met the pontiff at the Vatican on Monday as part of his trip to Italy for the G7 summit.

The residential schools were set up from the 1880s to take children from their families and assimilate them into mainstream Canadian society.

The last one closed in 1996.

“I told him how important it is for Canadians to move forward on real reconciliation with the indigenous peoples and I highlighted how he could help by issuing an apology,” Mr Trudeau told reporters after meeting the pope.

He said he had invited the pontiff to make the apology in Canada.

Some 150,000 aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families, and sent to live in church-run boarding schools where…

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U.S. Military World’s Largest Polluter – Hundreds Of Bases Gravely Contaminated

Rise Up Times

 Producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined, the U.S. Department of Defense has left its toxic legacy throughout the world in the form of depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants like Agent Orange and lead, among other pollutants.


Spent shell casings from firing practice litter the desert of the U.S. Marine Corps' Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California. (AP/Reed Saxon)Spent shell casings from firing practice litter the desert of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California. (AP/Reed Saxon)

MINNEAPOLIS– Last week, mainstream media outlets gave minimal attention to the news that the U.S. Naval station in Virginia Beach had spilled an estimated 94,000 gallons of jet fuel into a nearby waterway, less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. While the incident was by no means as catastrophic as some other pipeline spills, it underscores an important yet little-known fact – that the U.S. Department of Defense is…

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Robbing From Nature and People to Produce Profit

The Most Revolutionary Act

Eco Social Justice on the Global Frontlines

Vendana Shiva (2017)

The following is a compelling Earth Day presentation by Indian activist Vendana Shiva linking ecocide and genocide to the brutal “free market” drive to rob from nature and people to produce profit.  This wide ranging talk combines a unique perspective on the violent British colonization of both India and North America, the more recent role of major chemical and food companies (eg Dow, Dupont and Monsanto) in imposing free trade treaties such as GATT and the TPP, and the growing anti-corporate resistance movement in India and elsewhere.

Vendana begins by describing an agricultural conference she attended in 1987, at which the major chemical manufacturers laid out plans to increase their profits by introducing GMO seeds and lobbying for laws and treaties that would prohibit seed saving by farmers. She goes on to talk about Navdanya, the nonprofit organization she founded…

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