Sailing Through a Garbage Ocean


The Pacific is full of plastic, home to one of the most famous pollution hotspots in the world, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There, plastic trash swirls around in a circular ocean current, or gyre, all around the Pacific between California and Hawaii.

❝ I was invited aboard the Christianshavn by Plastic Change, a Danish nonprofit fighting plastic pollution, to see the group’s plastic monitoring work in action. (Plastic Change also invited American artist Chris Jordan, who’s famous for his photographs of plastic-filled albatrosses, to come aboard and document their work.)

Henrik Beha Pedersen, an environmental biologist and co-owner of Christianshavn, founded Plastic Change just three years ago and has set out to collect the latest scientific data on ocean plastics. His biggest focus isn’t on the large pieces of trash that we see floating by the ship every 15 minutes or so—an abandoned plastic fishing buoy, a…

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Biologists say half of all species could be extinct by end of century

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'

5760Scientists at Vatican conference are searching for a solution to the man-made ‘major extinction event.’

One in five species on Earth now faces extinction, and that will rise to 50% by the end of the century unless urgent action is taken. That is the stark view of the world’s leading biologists, ecologists and economists who will gather on Monday to determine the social and economic changes needed to save the planet’s biosphere.

“The living fabric of the world is slipping through our fingers without our showing much sign of caring,” say the organizers of the Biological Extinction conference held at the Vatican this week.

Threatened creatures such as the tiger or rhino may make occasional headlines, but little attention is paid to the eradication of most other life forms, they argue. But as the conference will hear, these animals and plants provide us with our food and medicine. They purify…

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The New World Order of Global Warfare

There is no way to peace; peace is the way; in peace

Counter Information

GRTV interview with Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, February 13, 2017

From cyberwar to proxy war to covert war, the global long war against humanity threatens to become a full-fledged theatre war and even nuclear war.

Today Michel Chossudovsky joins us to discuss the struggle against this total warfare and the propagandists who enable it.

“The “globalization of war” is a hegemonic project. Major military and covert intelligence operations are being undertaken simultaneously in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and the Far East. The U.S. military agenda combines both major theater operations as well as covert actions geared towards destabilizing sovereign state.”


The United States and its allies have launched a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity. U.S. and NATO forces have been deployed in Eastern Europe including Ukraine. U.S. military intervention under a humanitarian mandate is proceeding…

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Taking Action Against An Evil System

Dear people,

We are addressing the United Churches of Southern Africa, the Indigenous Peoples of Southern Africa, Aotearoa and elsewhere; however, this is for the 99%

What we all want is equality, freedom, life and autonomy; self-determination and self-governance; the right to be left alone and not enslaved;

There have been meetings over the last few weeks and everyone is on board; so, this is the action plan framework; if, we are to make this work we need all hands on deck; so, please read this carefully; and, help where you can;


Why are we doing what we do?

It all boils down to the age old battle of good versus evil; and, of good always prevailing in the end; in these evil times the very self-preservation of Life in all its forms and of the natural earth is at stake;

Necessity obligates us to make a stand and face the beast head on; even against our will; we have no choice; we are peacing for our very lives;

In the words of that great soul:

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless and corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness.” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Moral and Ethics:

We have lost our way; instead of listening to the natural law written in our hearts, we have become morally and ethically corrupt; and, our governments are merely a reflection of our greed and hunger for false power;

One Law:

Everyone must be able to know the law; there is only one law:

: “Do no harm; cause no loss; let freedom reign”

5 Ethics:

If, we can observe these 5 basic ethics in all we do: Truth, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency;

Then, dear people, will we live in peace and harmony;



  • The highest authority lies with the people; the 99%
  • Our freedom lies in our differences;
  • No-one wants to be governed by the rules of another;
  • Every self-identifying community has the right of self-determination; be they Church, Indigenous People, Credit Clubs, etc.
  • Everyone wants World Peace!!!


The new world order wants the opposite:

  • to remove all notions of people sovereignty
  • to turn all peoples and their private property into property of the elite;
  • to homogenise religion, beliefs, everything; makes imposing their rules easy;
  • to turn all peoples into insolvent debt-slaves;
  • to turn all peoples and the earth into “resources” for 0,1 % elite;
  • to use the 1% greedy & power hungry to sell the 99% down the river;
  • a global de-population agenda; robots and tech make people redundant;
  • World War III is profitable; the elite banksters fund both sides of the war;







Our Background:

Who we are is not important; what we have done is posted on the websites provided herein; we are merely the collective voice of the awake and informed people; there have been whistle-blowers throughout the ages;

Today, the internet has made research much easier; and, alternative media is growing because more and more people are no longer buying mainstream media lies; people are waking up as Gallup polls are showing;

However, all thanks goes to the people who showed faith and donated, since we began this journey of freedom in 2013;


Q: What are the key problems?      

A: Banks and BAR legal system;

Q: What are the remedies?              

A: Community Banks and Community Courts;


It sounds hard; but, most of the legwork has already been done by others; and, we are calling experts to assist us in the practicalities;

What we present here is the sum total of 22 000 hours of research into what experts in every field say;


What is the Truth?

In a nutshell:

  • the current system of governance is not based on the will of we, the people;
  • an evil system is keeping artificial man-made poverty in place;
  • Banksters work hand-in-hand with BAR legal system to rob the people;
  • governments are not protecting the people, but exploiting them;
  • the 1% are getting richer and the 99% poorer;
  • Imperial capitalism shows no regard for people sovereignty;
  • predatory capitalism is destroying the natural earth, our home;
  • The UN is the 7 imperial nations; imposing their feudal laws on sovereign nations; using force of law-of-war to subdue objecting nations;
  • a threat to world peace;
  • The 99% of every country are being sold down the river;


Self-preservation – the self-preservation of our families and friends and future generations is at stake;



The authority and power lies with we, the people; we are the remedy; If, we remain silent we consent to the evil that befalls us;

Vote Of No Confidence Campaign –

Let your voice be heard:

  • with 100 000 wet ink signatures we can change constitutions;


Truth and Reconciliation Commission –

  • demand an investigation into the banking system and BAR legal system;


And, try and get our public servants on our side; after all, this is for their freedom too;

All we need to do is to educate them on who the 0,1% are; and, that they are working for them and should be working for the 99%; and, what they can do to save their country and people;


Community Courts –

  • superior living jurisdiction over enacted law-of-the-sea;
  • un-enacted law-of-the-land is superior to law-of-the-sea;
  • people are all accountable as living peers before a jury or public hearing;
  • there is no regard for personhood, be they bankers or judges;
  • The law-of-the-sea has no jurisdiction over people or the land;
  • Restore law-of-the-land; remove divided BAR;
  • abolish law-of-the-sea back to 200 nautical miles from shores;
  • Education – study material for lay officials; restorative justice; trial by jury, public hearing, oversight committees, tribunals, TRCs,


Community Banks

  • develop community banks, barter, exchanges, Savings & Credit Co-Ops; and develop alternative models;



The first committee is the Peoples Earth Council Committee of which brother-thomas is administrator along with 4 others who have some years of experience in this field of judicial activism;

Every Church and Tribe and Community to use the same methods of fund-raising to start their own committees who we will then train; all updates for committees will be posted at:

Weekly meetings will continue from this week on Zoom [ ]

Follow the blog to get all updates;



Today, all groups get sidelined by ‘Iscariots’ who come with funding from the elite foundations; and, they use money as the tool to divide and herd the ignorant back into the new world order herd;

Make sure the funding is from a moral and ethical group; be wise as serpents and investigate all “saviours”; ask for information;


If, you do know of any sources where grants are available, please do forward to us; we have an international lawyer on board that is an expert at unlocking grant monies;


We believe the funding can also come from the people while we educate them;

  • TruthNews DVDs – e.g. distributors can network street corner vendors;
  • Presentations – The Law and Your Rights – Do presentations for donations;
  • Stickers – we have a range of educational bumper stickers;



A Monthly DVD series – TruthNews No.1 available;

For example: R50 retail per DVD – R15 cost + R5 postage; R10 to PEC Fund; R10 to distributor; R10 to vendor; this will pay the way for committees;

  • Blowing the whistle on Banking, Capitalism, Environment, Health, Law, NWO, Your Rights,
  • +- 8 documentaries +- 4hours;
  • Most people ARE NOT ON THE INTERNET!
  • BUT, most have access to a TV & DVD player;
  • To watch over internet costs +- R300 in airtime;
  • R30 donation per DVD goes to PEC committee fund;
  • Vendors welcome;


Street vendors – uniforms, bill boards, stickers, DVDs available;

Education “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”


Power Point Presentations:

To achieve our goals we must educate and inform the mass of the people!

  • Now, you can get involved and spread the word too;

PP Presentations on DVD:

  • Monthly updated editions;
  • Same donation structure as TruthNews DVD;
  • R10 per DVD; goes to PEC fund; vendors welcome
  • A brief overview of every page at
  • Choose your menu of 2 or 3 topics;
  • Presentations also in MP3 Video format with voice-over for watching;
  • Translations into local languages is important;

Presenters are to educate and to promote VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE campaign



  • A National Referendum – 50 000 wet ink autographs can change the Constitution;
  • 1 Million Campaign – change the outcome of the elections;


  • We, the People Party – vote in a new peoples; order in 2018; autonomy and self-governance; THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN!


Educational links:

Giftoftruth – A full investigation into the corrupt system, the law and your rights;

find a brief introduction to every page at:


abaThembu Royal Kingdom – one of the first to declare self-determination:


Peoples Earth Council – Uniting peoples in one voice!!!

While respecting each other’s natural right to autonomy and self-determination; we hope to hear from you;


Peoples Earth Council Committee