U.S. Military World’s Largest Polluter – Hundreds Of Bases Gravely Contaminated

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 Producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined, the U.S. Department of Defense has left its toxic legacy throughout the world in the form of depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants like Agent Orange and lead, among other pollutants.


Spent shell casings from firing practice litter the desert of the U.S. Marine Corps' Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California. (AP/Reed Saxon)Spent shell casings from firing practice litter the desert of the U.S. Marine Corps’ Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California. (AP/Reed Saxon)

MINNEAPOLIS– Last week, mainstream media outlets gave minimal attention to the news that the U.S. Naval station in Virginia Beach had spilled an estimated 94,000 gallons of jet fuel into a nearby waterway, less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. While the incident was by no means as catastrophic as some other pipeline spills, it underscores an important yet little-known fact – that the U.S. Department of Defense is…

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Robbing From Nature and People to Produce Profit

The Most Revolutionary Act

Eco Social Justice on the Global Frontlines

Vendana Shiva (2017)

The following is a compelling Earth Day presentation by Indian activist Vendana Shiva linking ecocide and genocide to the brutal “free market” drive to rob from nature and people to produce profit.  This wide ranging talk combines a unique perspective on the violent British colonization of both India and North America, the more recent role of major chemical and food companies (eg Dow, Dupont and Monsanto) in imposing free trade treaties such as GATT and the TPP, and the growing anti-corporate resistance movement in India and elsewhere.

Vendana begins by describing an agricultural conference she attended in 1987, at which the major chemical manufacturers laid out plans to increase their profits by introducing GMO seeds and lobbying for laws and treaties that would prohibit seed saving by farmers. She goes on to talk about Navdanya, the nonprofit organization she founded…

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“We Don’t Believe In Words Anymore”: Indigenous Peoples Stand Against Brazil’s Temer Government


Munduruku warriors at the roadblock. Photo by Mauricio Torres

Red Power Media | May 09, 2017

by Sue Branford and Maurício Torres, Mongabay

Indigenous groups are making a defiant stand against the current wave of fiercely anti-Indian policies being rapidly implemented by Brazil’s Temer administration and Congress.

Protests blossomed last week in Brasilia where a four-day demonstration — the largest in the nation’s history — brought together over 4,000 indigenous leaders from more than 200 tribes seeking government redress of grievances. The protesters were met with teargas.

Likewise, a peaceful land occupation by members of the Gamela tribe in Maranhão state ended in violence when their camp was raided by ranchers and hired gunmen who beat the Indians brutally, even hacking off hands with machetes.

In the Amazon, members of the Munduruku tribe, armed with bows and arrows, set up a roadblock on the Transamazonian highway, creating a 40 kilometer…

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New Infographics showing world military spending in 2016

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There are plenty of reasons to renew, once again and for the 7th year running, our call for a cut in military spending (based upon SIPRI data), so that the world can move a little closer to the human security approach that would better serve humanity.

This new Infographics shows recently published SIPRI data on global military spending during 2016 in a visual way.

Click on the image to download the high quality pdf version of the Infographics:

Click here to get the Spanish version (as an .jpg image), or download from here its high quality pdf version!

The Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS) is an international campaign promoted by the International Peace Bureau. The aim of the campaign is to press governments to invest money in the sectors of health, education…

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The Long Journey

This is a story of Ariki rex denis of the family ainsley from Niu Tireni Aotearoa.

The Long Journey

05 April 2017

To Whom it may Concern

My name is rex denis of the family Ainsley. I am 65 years of age. I reside in Waihi, Nu Tireni -Aotearoa (New Zealand). I have been married for 42 years to Charmaine Ainsley nee-Bluegum, whom we have had 8 children and 32 grand children. I am writing this letter to let all people know of the struggle my wife and I have endured for the last 33 years, fighting for my lands back from people in authority, that have abused their power. I am of Maori and English descent. The heritage that should have been rightfully passed down to me and my family, I am still fighting for today. I have fought corruption throughout my journey. The evidence I have produced is clear, lawful and pono(truth). I am asking the honourable men of the law, to uphold the law and to serve justice, for there is no justice or honour left in New Zealand.

My journey began over 30 years ago, when I started to look into the history of my whakapapa (family tree genealogy). In Maoridom, knowledge is passed down from our elders first. I lost my father when I was 4 years of age, my older siblings passed young. I was left with one older brother whom passed the knowledge of our lands and history to me. In doing so, he then handed me his blessing to research it further, as he did not feel this was his journey, it was mine. My brother informed me to be able to research it further, I must go to the Maori Land Court (M.L.C). The M.L.C function is to hold documentation for the registry of Maori lands. I discovered the information they had was not consistent with my own. There were too many inconsistencies with dates and their documents. I started questioning their documentation. I was not given direct answers. I was given smoke screens, which led me to believe something was being hidden from me, so I started to research further. Every avenue I looked into, I seem to hit brick walls. I started to attend trust meetings, for blocks of land I had shares in. The structure of a Maori Land Trust is set by the M.L.C. In attending these meetings and asking questions, I started feeling belittled by the response I was receiving. I felt that I was losing my Mana (honour). It became clear to me that my whakapapa and lands had been covered up. My integrity stamped on by those in power who told me to sit down and that I had no right to speak. I felt like I could no longer trust these agencies for the truth. This made me want to push harder, so I started traveling all over the country gathering documentation, from churches, NZ archives, cemeteries, libraries and other various places. After gathering documentation and evidence, I applied for multiple court sittings, section 45 amendment to the act, wrongful amalgamation of lands. I was unsuccessful in all my hearings. All of the hearings were inaudible (for the convenience of the court/ no manuscripts to be given out). In 1996 through my research, we approached the M.L.C for a last will and testament left to my grandfather. To our surprise there was one. It was handed to us by the secretary, without her realising the significance of the document she had just handed me. The last will and testament had been established in 1916 by the cheiftainess Rautahi Ihaka of Tuhua (Mayor Island). My grandfather was never informed by the M.L.C, nor did he ever have knowledge that the will existed.

The will had been in M.L.C possession for nearly 80 years. This year 2017, it is just over 100 years since Rautahi Ihaka’s will had been established. It became a dispute with the M.L.C and myself, whose property the “will” (left to my grandfather) belonged to. It was a complete miscarriage of justice. M.L.C were trying to charge me with theft of property that belonged to them. My response to their accusation was “how does the M.L.C. own a will that belonged to my grandfather, if anyone should be charged with theft, it should be the M.L.C” Memos were sent out to me from the registrar of the Hamilton M.L.C. The staff of the M.L.C (Hamilton) tried their best to disgrace and dishonour me, even making accusations of my lack of speaking my native tongue, puts me at a disadvantage. The administration of the M.L.C reprimanded the registrar of the Hamilton M.L.C, stating that he had handled the situation in an unprofessional manner. An administration decision was made by order of Judge Carter to return the last will and testament to myself, Rex Ainsley “keep safe this precious document, it is a taonga (gem) to your family” signed chief registrar of the M.L.C – John Grant. The property in the last will and testament left to my grandfather, pertained to Tuhua (Mayor Island). We had come to the realisation that the will was kept by the M.L.C for all those years, for financial gain, land grabbing, theft and fraud. I have also battled for many years with the Tuhua Trust Board. They have humiliated me and my family, dishonoured me, belittled my whakapapa and also trespassed me from putting one foot on my ancestors whenua (land). The Tuhua Trust was established unlawfully. In 1946 Internal affairs started the structure of the trust, 1 year after the rightful owner Te Kapaiwaho died. In 1949 the trust board was cemented. In 1963 the trust was consolidated, by way of a crown grant. The crown NZ, did not own 1 share in Tuhua (Mayor Island). The Trust now have a fraudulent title on Tuhua (Mayor Island), in 2010 given by Judge Carter, after our claim was lodged with the Waitangi Tribunal.

Although the document was now in my possession, doors kept closing, nobody wanted to know or hear about it. The stress of all the humiliation, dishonour and corruption had taken a toll on my life and my family. I had a heart attack, it set me back for a period, but it did not deter my drive to seek justice. I applied to the M.L.C to have my whakapapa corrected. I was unsuccessful. Another court case stacked against me. The judge asked the public if there were any objections to my case. To me, the case was lost before I entered the courtroom. “Who in their right mind lets the public have an objection to proceedings they are not involved in”. After this case I came to the realisation that the NZ justice system was never going to let me win a case. With nowhere to turn I started going to Waitangi and listening to the people’s grievances. I was looking for a new direction to see if I could offer support to those who were in similar situations to me and my family. My situation was very unique to others. I did find a new purpose and a new direction. This was to help people less fortunate, living in poverty. During this time period of visiting Waitangi, other Hapu (Tribe) and Iwi (People) all over Aotearoa, I made strong bonds and friendships with the heads of tribes. In 2003 while in congress, I was elected the position of Waka commander for the Mataatua waka district. In 2004 while in congress I was promoted to Commissioner of Native Pirimana (Police), Aotearoa. Known as the man with the heart, sanctioned by the 10 waka rohe (districts) of Aotearoa. Over time I have done what I could do to help anyone in need, but due to financial difficulties I have not been able to accomplish what I hope I could do for people.

My wife and I submitted a claim to the Waitangi tribunal for Tuhua (Mayor Island) in 2008. Our application was successful. We were allocated a WAI number and waited for a hearing date. We would finally be able to produce our evidence for Tuhua (Mayor Island), that no one wanted to see or acknowledge. In the process of waiting for a hearing we had 2 meetings with Ngai Te Rangi Trust Board, who were the biggest tribe for Bay of Plenty. There was no support from them, due to the Iwi structure supported by the M.L.C and NZ government. I was also informed by the Ngai Te Rangi Trust Board lawyer Spencer Webster they had no jurisdiction for Tuhua (Mayor Island), therefore could not support us. The minutes from both meetings were conveniently misplaced. We were on our own again.

I was never given the chance to produce my evidence. The case was swept under the carpet, so to speak. The Hon Christopher Finlayson, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi negotiations tried to push me into a collective group negotiation. Ngai Te Rangi had nothing to do whatsoever with Tuhua (Mayor Island). I should have had my own hearing. Our attempts to approach the tribunal and different departments seeking remedy and relief were to no avail, not fulfilling their duties. More doors closed again, more humiliation, which resulted in my health deteriorating. The stress caused me to have a stroke, leaving me partially paralyzed in my right arm. We then went to a law firm called Foster and Milroy, about my grandfathers will regarding Tuhua (Mayor Island), Mark Milroy (Barrister) on sighting the evidence was happy to make me a client, telling me the evidence I had gathered was remarkable, so to speak, straightforward, black and white. Within 3 days of him starting to inquire about my case, he started to get pressure on him from other people in power to leave my case alone. His law firm partner, Mr Foster was getting pressure from the law society to put pressure on Mr Milroy, to drop our case. Their law firm started getting audited out of the blue, worried and scared for the law firm, he made a call to me to collect my documents as soon as possible, as the NZ law society had requested Mr Milroy hand Rex Ainsleys documents over the NZ law society. I relieved Mr Milroy of his duties, as the pressure was too great for Mr Milroy. Another door closed.

At this point of my journey, it’s taken just about everything I have got left, my health, my dignity, my honour, my family. There is not much hope left, but I still have the will to prevail and set out to finish what my predecessors passed on to me. By chance, on my travels around Aotearoa, I met a group, that took the time to listen to my story and journey on the whenua (lands) and whakapapa. When they realised all my options were exhausted and there was no honour left in the NZ land laws and courts, they offered a path overseas. I am eternally grateful for their support. The burden this has had on my family and myself is unbearable. My health, and my wife’s health in the last thirty years has deteriorated, mine especially. I have had 4 heart attacks, 2 strokes, numerous other medical conditions due to stress of this journey. I have been left with a heart that works at 15 to 18% and the doctors have informed me, without financial assistance I will die. The group now that is supporting me has evidence

I have collected for over 30 years, from libraries, land courts, Catholic Diocese in Auckland, Archives, Australia. My research of my lands and whakapapa (genealogy) has been notarized and stamped with a seal by Fr Anthony Malone of the Tribunal of the Catholic Church of New Zealand. This has been a long journey for my family and I. The people in authority with the power have tried to take it all. Over the last 2-3 years, my wife and I have moved at least five to six times, homeless for a period. We have lived in a shed/basement. We now live in a home that has little heating and no insulation, back and forward to different hospitals. I’ve always been a proud man, do personal cares for myself. I am now in a wheelchair due to my heart failing and not having the capability to operate properly. My wife takes care of me 24 hours of the day, having a big strain on her health, because of our financial situation we are not able to afford any paid care. We have nothing left. We have nothing but hope that the right thing will be done. I’m very hopeful I will get the medical care to help me become mobile again. I need this care as soon as possible. This is the only way I have a chance to live. I would like to see justice done, the land returned to me and my family. This will also make a difference to the future of many. I will have the means to help people who need jobs, housing, medical care, food, which everyone is entitled too without struggle. I know there is still honour and hope in the world. People who abuse their authority in power for their own personal gain, can not take your history, your identity, your future through land theft and fraud. I would like to see my ancestors’ history restored. Stand proud with my wife, children and all those who have supported me through my life and on this lonely journey.

Kind regards

r. d. Ainsley

For Notices that were filed against New Zealand and responses from Elders see: https://peoplesearthcouncil.wordpress.com/the-long-journey/