The Treaty for Banning Nuclear Weapons. “Nuclear Weapons are Not Only Immoral but Illegal”

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Global Research, July 08, 2017

We are “on the cusp of a truly historic moment,” said the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) on Thursday morning, “when the international community declares, unambiguously, for the first time, that nuclear weapons are not only immoral, but also illegal.”

The development—and hopeful adoption—of this treaty represents a breaking point with the status quo, with subservience to the powerful, with the patriarchal world order of massive nuclear violence. Whatever happens on Friday, this treaty has already impacted the nuclear establishment and, more broadly, international relations. Its adoption and implementation will bring even more positive change.

This treaty prohibits the policies and practices that sustain nuclear weapons, including those related to nuclear “deterrence”. Whatever is not explicitly prohibited in its provisions is implicitly prohibited through the spirit of this treaty. It outlaws all aspects of nuclear weapon activities, from…

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Covenant of Free Access to Traditional Lakota Territory

“‘Sovereignty’ means that the decree of sovereign makes law, and foreign courts cannot condemn influences persuading sovereign to make the decree.” Moscow Fire Ins. Co. of Moscow, Russia v. Bank of New York & Trust Co., 294 N.Y.S. 648, 662, 161 Misc. 903.

On Friday July 7, 2017, the Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation met with officials of the Black Hills National Forest in Custer, SD to discuss access of the Black Hills by Lakota Oyate, Indigenous peoples, their relatives and agents.

During the roughly 45 minute meeting, the Independent Lakota Nation delivered notice with the Covenant of Free Access to Traditional Lakota Territory for Lakota Oyate, Indigenous People, Lakota Relatives & Our Agents.

In attendance for Independent Lakota Nation, Canupa Gluha Mani, Ana Oian Amets, Ezeder Tzorginda, Aranean Argi.  In attendance for the U.S. Forest Service Black Hills was Supervisor,Mark Van Every, Deputy Forest Supervisor Jerry Krueger , and Special Agent Travis Lunders.

Strong Heart encourages ALL Lakota and Indigenous people to assert independent jurisdiction within unceeded Lakota Territory by exercising customary rights to hunt, fish, and gather medicines as well as refuse to pay the U.S…

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