Dear peoples of earth, this is a case between King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo “aaha Zwelibanzi”of the abaThembu Royal Kingdom of Southern Africa versus CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA;

Now, a few disputes came about between some of the people and the king of the abaThembu Royal Kingdom, hereinafter ARK, around 1994 to 1996; and, THE STATE also interfered, but because we had just come out of a traumatic transition and rights were holy, especially those of the indigenous peoples, the charges were dropped as the abaThembu Royal Kingdom, hereinafter ARK is sovereign and vested with equal status since 1994; however, it was Nelson Mandela himself who in the late 90s resuscitated this case because there are major plans afoot by the 1% to turn Mthatha into an international metropolitan; and, the abaThembu Royal Kingdom and all indigenous peoples are in the way of “progress”;  

And, this case dragged on, in the High Court of the high seas on our land, until December of 2016 when his “person” was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years; he had to hand himself over for imprisonment shortly thereafter and we are peacing for his release;   

Now, this dispute occurred on tangible sovereign abaThembu lands many years ago; and, is only between the abaThembu peoples; and, therefore the law of the place applies, namely reconciliatory customary law; the issue is private and has nothing to do with us; the real issue at stake is that all was done by assumed and presumed authority and outside the bounds of jurisdiction; and, that to date King Buyelekhaya has been denied his antecedent natural right to a fair hearing before his own people, without bar or corporate interference;

No, instead of assisting and giving guidance for the development of customary law, as we were supposed to, THE STATE and RSA INC., both foreign unknown entitities working for the 1%; and, not even “inhabitants” of the land of Africa, in collusion with the bar, a third-party interloper, aim to divide and conquer a kingdom; and, the story is the same for every country; the peoples of the earth are under the yoke of an imperial feudal system that claims to rule the earth for the 1% while destroying the 99% in their way and the earth; so as to feed their land-thirst and gold-hunger; 

In January of 2016 the ARK Secretariat approached Unified Common Law Grand Jury of South Africa, a peoples court of conscience to take up this dispute; and, to add it with their ongoing dispute since 2013;  also against CONcourt;

We filed the following documents with the Mthatha High Court, THE STATE, RSA INC. CEO, and 3 others:



Then ACTing CEO of the RSA INC. CORP claiming to be president sent us a notice they were removing King Buyelekhaya from the Traditional Leaders roll; 




We opened a new case with the CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA, CCT: 144/2016 this time not asking them, but telling them of their obligations to the people and to the Republic; and, reminding them of their oaths to uphold our rights;


The respondents agreed to abide by the CONcourt ruling;


THE STATE attorneys filed a NOTICE TO OPPOSE, but then abandoned the case;

The CONcourt denied justice and therefore made an error in judgement;


The law does not protect those that slumber on their rights; we filed a Writ of Error;


They said nothing and gave no reasons;  silence is consent; they have therefore vacated them; and, ARK law stands as the truth; the next step is the redemption for Ark;


And another Writ of Error for good measure;


As of February 2017, the abaThembu Royal Kingdom also have the assistance of a salted international attorney;

As of the 9th of March 2017, legal documents have been filed to overturn the unjust rulings of the RSA courts against King Buyelekhaya;

Check in for updates as this case unfolds.