In order for peoples sovereignty and the law-of-the-land to be restored, a good place to start is with the Indigenous Peoples; over the last 500 years it is they who have suffered the most under the severe prejudices of an imperial feudal system; and, it continues today; The papal baals have been declared a monument to racial discrimination; see 

Over the last generation this feudal system has enslaved the entire earth; there is no “us” or “them”, only us;

Once the autonomy and self-governance of Indigenous Peoples have been established, then that right will automatically flow to any and all self-determining peoples;

Now, it is very important  to remember that our freedom lies in the service to others; we cannot claim a right and not be willing to perform a duty to maintain that right; that is the essence of sovereignty;

To make all of this happen we need your help;

If, we are going to save ourselves then who better than we, the people?

The peoples of earth; in one united action;

We invite you to join hands in a united action; bring your skills to the table;

we are not only building a peoples’ earth council, we are building community;

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In Peace