Express Trusts

The Peoples Earth Council is an express trust. There are 3 interim trustees until we have 13 from every continent and island groups.

United Peoples of Earth, feel free to invite your indigenous elders; or,

nominate them and or send us their details for a formal invitation from PEC trustees;

Email the PEC administrator at:

United we stand; in peace


Trustees in Commerce – A superior way of life

Trustees in commerce is a superior way of life for sovereign peoples; and, express trusts are a superior form and manner of commerce; as opposed to corporations and partnerships; it is by far the best vehicle for self-determining peoples to “re-venue” their goods from the “sea” back onto “terra firma”; and, as a shield for sovereign peoples to protect their lands from pirates and robbers; and, most importantly, to maintain their autonomous jurisdiction; it’s all about jurisdiction; hear what an expert attorney has to say on the matter:




Why Trusts?

Trusts emerged about 500 years ago when the common peoples of England were having land taken in deceased estates by greedy landlords of a feudal system; common-law attorneys by, for and of the people helped the people create trusts as a defensive shield against unlawful, albeit “legal”, confiscation of lands and tangible property;

Over the last 500 years, during the infamous age of discovery, the same scams were used to take the lands of Indigenous Peoples and claim them into trusts for the 1%: the kings, merchants and priesthood of Europe and Mediterranean; they used the law-of-the-sea to come onto the land;

What is law-of-the-sea? The first distinction to make is between the law-of-the-sea and the law-of-the-land;

Law-of-the-sea is merely commercial contracts between legal fictions; this enables ships on international waters to freely trade under neutral flags and flags of convenience even though they may be enemies; today, all en-acted law is in fact law-of-the-sea; the people were turned into proverbial cargo to reap huge benefits for the imperial elite 1%;

Law-of-the-land – is all un-enacted laws; such as customary law, oral tradition, ancient proverbs, maxims; every nation’s Bill of Rights is not supposed to be enacted; It is supposed to remain in natural law jurisdiction on the land;

Over the last 500 years the law-of-the-sea has slowly, but steadily crept onto the lands of all countries under color of law, using semantic deceit hidden in the imperial legal jargon as the tool to garner a semblance of consent under color of law; and, thereby establishing imperial sea courts and sea-rules on the land; our tangible property was fictionalised and re-venued into the law-of-the-sea without our permission; and, now the foreign 1% claim to own the lands and everything because we agreed to their fraudulent pieces of paper;

Thomas Jefferson said it best in the following quote:


So, in order to profit off of the people and their lands the sea merchants created fictional copies of everything on the land called “title”; people, their property, lands, minerals, resources, everything; it was all turned into proverbial cargo;

Then the imperialists got really brazen, they made treaties with the locals which were in truth licences to plunder the same; using the sea courts law-of-war and force of law;

Today, everyone is under the same yoke of bondage of this imperial feudal system; and, everyone is paying customs duties, levies, taxes which end up in the coffers of the same kings, merchants and priesthood of the nations of the compass;

For example, government under licence of the sea merchant bankers and their sea courts creates a trust [a bill of laden] with the “harbour master” [Master of High/Supreme court of the sea on our land] in your ALL CAPITALS NAME [held in the “re-venue” fund] and converts it into “assets” [insolvent debtors] of the “state” [a sea corporation]; declares you “missing at sea” [under cestui-qui-vie rules] and claims your name as abandoned wreckage under maritime salvage laws;


And then, when you are of age, deceitfully press-gangs you into accepting that NAME as your own; and, now you as creditor are the surety for an insolvent debtor in a deceitful switch and bait scam; no different from finding peas under a cup; by their own rules this amounts to nothing less than barratry, piracy, personage, press-ganging, treasonable fraud, and numerous other deceitful activities;


Self-determining communities and peoples must unbind the fraud and bind it will peoples’ law; and claim back what was taken the last 500 years;

Now, all the peoples have abandoned their law-of-the-land; we must dust our customary laws off; re-declare and re-establish them;

And, “re-venue” our goods back to the land; to do this we must have a charter and a declaration, rules and a form of government; re-publicate our lands and property, everything back to the law-of-the-land; the PEC Freedom Charter  and Declaration on the Rights of Peoples is exactly for this purpose;

And, an express trust is the wagon to cart your goods safely back from the harbour and seashore; as far inland as you can go;


What are Express Trusts?

An express trust is a superior form and manner of commerce as opposed to corporations and partnerships; the best vehicle for self-determining peoples to protect their lands and maintain their autonomous jurisdiction; it’s all about jurisdiction; a very important 1910 report from an expert :


Express trusts are:

  • a shield against rogue corporations;
  • the proper form for republican forms of government [wherein the people and states are sovereign] as governance is a trust relationship between the people and their public servants;
  • easily regulated by the appropriate anti-trust laws;
  • used for community banks, exchanges, courts, the works;

Therefore, the perfect tool for autonomous communities and those peoples wishing self-determination;


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