This is a call and invitation to wise and honourable Elders from Indigenous Peoples of Earth, to join us in one heart and spirit, so as to fulfil the following:

  • Mend the Sacred Hoop of Nations and of People;
  • Speak with one united voice, internationally;
  • Establish and develop a lawful international Earth Council ;
  • Establish a law of nations for sovereign nations and peoples;
  • Establish a lawful court tribunal to hear disputes and make enforceable rulings; 
  • Restore customary law to it’s superior living jurisdiction; the law-of-the-land;
  • Restore the sovereignty of nations and custodianship;
  • Complete autonomy, self-determination and local self-governance of nations;

Feel free to invite your Indigenous Elders to join us;

Or, send us the details of your Indigenous community and we will send them a formal invitation from the Peoples Earth Council Trustees;

Email the PEC administrator at:

United we stand; in peace