At one time in the past, most peoples of earth lived peacefully and co-operated; social systems were mostly self-governing;

The people respected their Elders because they were wise, honourable, moral and ethical, just, fair and reasonable;

All of Creation above, around and below was held Sacred by ALL peoples;

The Earth was granted in Trust by The Great Mystery to ALL people as custodians, each by their own belief; our duty was to take care of it, protect it and leave it better than we found it;

Every culture had established customs, principles and traditions; these were passed down orally by the people and kept alive by customary of usage;

They saw no need in building empires;


LAW-OF-WAR versus Law-Of-Peace

However, this all changed since the “age of discovery” when a few piratical nations set out to plunder, conquer and enslave eventually all peaceful nations; they are the lords of war;

International law is feudal law; the law-of-war; it justifies privateering and piracy;

They use the rules of gainsaying to justify their piracy;


They control the governments of Peaceful Nations via:

Central Banking system; privately-owned; own all banks; 

BAR legal system; controlled by City of London; write all countries laws under feudal law;

Education; indoctrination  “education”;  Mainstream Media; Military; everything;

They control the world’s money supply; just follow the money;

ALL wars are bankers’ wars; they are a threat to world peace;

Today, the G7 dictate their global agenda aka New World Order policy from the UN;

They are a threat to ALL peaceful and sovereign nations;

7 Nations have 100 times more nuclear armaments than a few hundred nations;

Our self-preservation is at stake; and, necessity overrides all law;


Why Are We Telling You This?

Because we have blindly followed their ways; instead, of remembering our roots; instead of honouring our ancestors; and, instead of keeping our customs and traditions alive;

We have allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated by them; and, to act and do as they do;

Thankfully, we have finally woken up; and, we must unlearn the indoctrination and slowly, but surely replace it with the right values; our very survival depends on it;


The natural law is written in our hearts:


One Law:

Do no harm; cause no loss; let freedom reign;


5 Ethics:

Truth; Integrity; Responsibility; Accountability; Transparency;


One Commandment:

To love thy neighbour as one loves family and friends; 


One Creation

There can only be ONE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS –

It is THE GREAT MYSTERY as no living people can can ever know it all;

Because most people feel strongly about their beliefs, it is used as a tool to divide;

 Religion and beliefs are private affairs of faith and have no place in talking circles;

Focusing on what we have in common is more constructive;


One Heart:

  • All of Creation above, around and below is Sacred; and, is to be treated as Sacred;
  • The Great Mystery dwells in ALL of us and we are to treat each other as Sacred;
  • The air; earth, lands; sea, rivers, lakes, and ALL creatures thereon and therein are Sacred; everything is Sacred;
  • Our very existence depends on a healthy, Sacred earth; it is our only home;
  • The earth is naturally granted in trust by The Great Mystery freely to all creatures and peoples, equally; we are all custodians of the Earth;


One Life:

It is the sacred duty of ALL PEOPLE equally, to protect all life on Earth; to restore it and to keep it that way; for the benefit of future generations;

 Developing the most natural ways of living in harmony with the natural earth makes the most common sense;

 All decisions made are for the greater good;

Where your rights end, mine begins;


In Peace