World Hereditary Council

Ariki Te Wairemana Zlamala, a Rangatira [chief] and Tohunga of Aotearoa [New Zealand] – Te Wairemana is a respected, spiritual leader and healer;

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Ariki Te Wairemana is also the custodian of the World Hereditary Council – an indigenous peoples council to hear un-resolved disputes and give guidance on ethical and moral issues touching indigenous peoples; the Peoples Earth Council has the full support of the WHC; and, as an extra referee on the side;

His noble whakapapa [lineage] stretches back to the time before Maori made New Zealand their new home Aotearoa, many centuries ago.

Te Wairemana came into this world gifted by the Wairua with contact to the Spirit World and the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones in Maoritanga are the Ancestors of Te Wairemana’s people, and the Spirits of the land [Papatuanuku] and the majestic mountain sacred to his iwi [tribe]. Every iwi has their own mountain which they honor as a living being and part of their ancestry. Maoritanga holds that every mountain around the world can communicate with each other and that they carry the Spirit and Knowledge of the land to teach those who will listen.

Te Wairemana’s belief is in Oneness, the Oneness of All. His desire is to bring the Spirit and Being of all people regardless of race or religion, together in harmony with themselves, each other and the Earth we live upon. He is a strong activist for the autonomy of indigenous peoples.

Kia ora, Ariki Te; we honour and thank you for your efforts to the Peoples of Earth;

In peace


Te Puna Healing – Ariki Te Wairemana is also a healer with his own unique approach; see